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Ferguson Airport Hangars & Tie Downs

Tie Down Availability and Rates

Ferguson Airport has both grass and asphalt tie downs available for transient customers as well as monthly leases.

Asphalt Tie Down Rates

DAILY - $20.00
MONTHLY - $100.00

Grass Tie Downs Rates

DAILY - $15.00
MONTHLY - $75.00

Hangar Availability & Rates

Hangars here are Ferguson are built with Hurricanes in mind. While not Hurricane proof they are built with heavy duty storm doors and constructed to withstand high winds.

T-Hangar Availability - Currently Over 77 People Waiting

T-Hangar Rates

MONTHLY - $510.00

Vehicle Parking

Ferguson Airport allows Tenants to park a vehicle at our FBO parking area for free. Customers that aren't tenants, we can offer a separate lease agreement if you travel to and from us and would like to park a vehicle for convenience.

Vehicle Parking Rates

MONTHLY - $75.00
Hangar List
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