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Our Location

Ferguson Airport is located beneath a shelf of NAS Pensacola’s Sherman Field Class C airspace.  Three miles north and west of the field, the bottom of the Class C airspace descends from 1400 to 700 ft.  To the east and south of the field, the Class C airspace is at the surface.  Do not descend into the landing pattern. Rather, descend north or northwest of the field and enter the traffic pattern at 532 ft. MSL (500 ft. AGL).


Always watch for the Blue Angels practicing.  Call Ferguson Airport for their latest schedule or Gainesville FSS. (800) 992-7433

Ferguson Pattern 18.png
Ferguson Pattern 36.png
Ferguson Trifold.png


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Arrivals talking to Approach Control.

If penetrating NAS Whiting/Pensacola Regional/NAS Pensacola Class C airspace, (or if Pensacola Approach Control Radar services are desired) depending upon the bearing you are on, contact Pensacola Approach Control on one of the following Frequency;

340-159 Degrees … 190.0 MHz
160-250 Degrees … 120.65 MHz
251-339 Degrees … 118.6 MHz

Advise them that you are landing at Ferguson Airport. When released from ATC frequency, self-announce 10 miles out (if on CTAF 122.8 at that distance), on downwind, on base leg, on final, and on leaving the runway.

Arrivals without talking to Approach Control

Arrivals without talking to Radar Control can be made either from the North or the West flying under the class C shelves.

Please be aware of traffic arriving and departing our airport at We request that radio calls are made frequently to update other aircraft of your intentions and locations.  Common waypoints to call from are Lillian bridge 3nm to the west and Saufley Field / VOR (Closed) 4nm to the North. Your distance out and altitudes are requested and expected.

Landing Pattern

Left traffic all runways.  Traffic pattern altitude is 532 ft. MSL (500 ft. AGL). Remain within 1/2 mile east of the runway.
Enter the traffic pattern from the north or northwest only.
Enter the upwind leg of the pattern for Runway 18. Enter the downwind leg of the pattern for Runway 36.

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